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The runs submit command

The runs submit command submits and monitors tests in the Galasa Ecosystem. Tests can be input either from a portfolio or directly from a test package.

For information about creating a portfolio by using the Galasa CLI, see the documentation for the runs prepare command.

Working with the runs submit command

The following section provides a subset of examples of how you can use the runs submit command to complete various tasks, for example, getting help, submitting tests, and setting overrides. The examples build on the Galasa SimBank tests, which you can run non-locally if you have an ecosystem that is running SimPlatform.

Getting help

Use the following commands to get more information about the command and command options, including default values.

galasactl --help
galasactl runs --help
galasactl runs runs --help

Submitting tests from a portfolio

The following example assumes that you have created a test.yaml portfolio by using the runs prepare command. The command submits tests from the test.yaml portfolio, and specifies the following settings:

galasactl runs submit
                        --portfolio test.yaml
                        --poll 5
                        --progress 1
                        --throttle 5


  • poll specifies the frequency in seconds that the CLI polls the Ecosystem for test run status.
  • progress specifies the frequency in minutes that the CLI reports the overall progress of the test runs. A value of -1 or less disables progress reports.
  • throttle specifies the number of test runs that can be submitted in parallel. A value of 0 or less prevents throttling.

Submitting tests without a portfolio

You can use test class names to submit test runs without using a portfolio.

The following command runs the SimBankIVT and BasicAccountCreditTest tests from the dev.galasa.simbank.tests package.

galasactl runs submit
                        --class dev.galasa.simbank.tests/SimBankIVT
                        --class dev.galasa.simbank.tests/BasicAccountCreditTest

Setting overrides for all tests during a run

Specifying overrides is useful if you want to run a set of tests against a particular configuration without changing the test code. For example, you might have multiple versions of software that you need to test. How can you do that without changing the test code? The answer is to use override properties. If you are running tests locally, you can set overrides properties by editing your Overrides Properties file. If you are running tests in an ecosystem, you can use the --override parameter in the Galasa CLI. Note that overrides in the portfolio take precedence over the overrides on the runs submit command. This is so that you can set general overrides on the submit, but have specific class overrides in the portfolio.

The following command runs all the tests in the test.yaml portfolio are on the z/OS LPAR MV2C in the PLEX2 cluster.

galasactl runs submit
                        --portfolio test.yaml
                        --override zos.default.lpar=MV2C
                        --override zos.default.cluster=PLEX2